Past Members

Morgan Harvey
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My current research interests revolve around developing systems allowing people to effectively model and utilise the data sources they interact with every day. I received my PhD in 2011 from the University of Strathclyde under the supervision of Ian Ruthven. The thesis research focused on modeling and exploiting information from web social interactions such as tagging and product ratings. I worked as a post-doc researcher in the Artificial Intelligence Research Group at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg where I was involved in a number of projects in the broader fields of information science and machine learning. This included investigating how people search and re-find information in email clients and how systems can be developed to improve healthcare by understanding exercise habits and nutritional needs. Personal homepage

Mark Carman
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I arrived in Lugano to start a postdoc after studying in Trento (at IRST) and Los Angeles (at ISI). My research interests in information retrieval include opinion detection, topic modeling, distributed IR and personalization with particular emphasis on applications in blog search, tag data and social network analysis. In the past I worked extensively in data integration and schema matching, automated planning and autonomic computing. For more information visit my personal homepage

Robert Gwadera
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My research interests revolve around data mining, text mining, machine learning and databases.

Az Azrinudin Alidin
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My research interests are in mobile information retrieval and context based information retrieval. My current research is focused on delivering "the right information to the right user at the right time and place", which deals with identifying user contexts and presented information through mobile application.

Giacomo Inches
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My research is focused on short documents analysis using IR, text mining and machine learning techniques based on user generated contents like twitter, chat logs, sms and police report archives. I worked on the SNF ChatMiner project. In prior scientific work I investigated the field of images classification and I also worked in the field of database systems (RIA, web engineering). For more information visit my personal homepage.

Luca Colombo
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My main research interests are HCI and e-publishing. I'm also interested in design and digital typography (I worked on a thesis about web typography and on-screen-texts legibility). I'm have also worked on HEBE project. For more information visit my personal Homepage

Marco Pasch
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My research interests focus on evaluating the interaction between humans and technology, spanning from (traditional) usability evaluation to user experience assessment and more ephemeral phenomena such as users’ emotional states during interaction. For more information visit my personal homepage.

Parvaz Mahdabi
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My research activity is focused on the design of new interactive systems for patent search to ease and support users in searching and browsing among e-patents. The emphasis is placed on improving the interactivity and usability of patent search systems. Previously, I have worked on evolutionary algorithms inspired from quantum computing principles. More information can be found on my personal website.

Ilya Markov
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I finished my PhD on Uncertainty in Distributed Information Retrieval at the University of Lugano under the supervision of Prof. Fabio Crestani on January 31, 2014. Currently, I am a postdoctoral researcher and SNF fellow at the University of Amsterdam, Information and Language Processing Systems group, collaborating with Prof. Maarten de Rijke. For more information please visit my homepage.

Mostafa Keikha
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My main research interests are Text Mining, Information Retrieval, Graph-based Data Mining, Uncertainty Theories and Combination of Evidences Theories. For more information please visit personal homepage.

Shima Gerani
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My general research interests are in Information retrieval, text mining and Machine learning. I'm also interested in soft computing techniques such as evolutionary algorithms and Swarm intelligence and their application in feature selection. I'm currently working on opinion mining and sentiment analysis in social networks with special focus on blog.

Andrei Rikitianskii
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My research interests are mainly focused on Information Retrieval. More specifically, I’m interested in user search behavior analysis, text processing, learning to rank, with a particular focus on mobile devices. For more information please visit my personal homepage.